Your Life through the Gospel Lens!


Seeing your Life through the Lens of the Gospel

The question put to Jesus is one that many still ask: ‘Will many be saved?’ In his answer, Jesus is not concerned about numbers but warns his listeners about complacency. Just as his listeners could not regard the mere fact of being Jews as sufficient for salvation, neither can we regard being Christians as enough. Salvation will come from our acceptance of Jesus. For any relationship to be alive – either with God or with another human person – the real question is: ‘Is my heart in this relationship?’ What does your experience tell you of this?

2.  ‘Strive to enter by the narrow door.’ Jesus himself is on his journey to Jerusalem; purposeful and determined. His true followers will also be purposeful and determined. That is true of any journey, career, or relationship if there is to be growth or progress. What it is like for you when you fail to do this? What is it like for you when the effort is there?

From John Byrne osa Intercom