A Message from Fr. Whelan

Dear Parishioners,

I write to give you an update on the reopening of the Church for public Mass.

A committee has been set up to oversee the reopening of the Church. Those who have visited for private prayer in the past week or so will see that the Church has been laid out with assigned seating and signage for social distancing.

Volunteer stewards will be on duty at Masses to assist you with the new seating arrangements. The capacity of the Church with social distancing measures in place for your safety is 94 people. It is essential that all attending cooperate fully with the new arrangements for the safety of everybody.

The following is the new timetable (for the time being) for Masses.


Monday 10.30am

Tuesday 10.30am

Wednesday No Mass

Thursday 10.30am

Friday 10.30am

Saturday 10.30am No Mass


Vigil Saturday 6.30pm

Sunday 9am (additional Sunday Mass)

Sunday 10.30am

Sunday 12 noon

We hope that the additional Mass on Sunday will help to accommodate as many as possible due to the reduced capacity. If it should happen that the number who wish to attend Mass exceeds 94 the external speaker can be turned on and you may wish to listen outside (if the weather permits) or perhaps watch on your phone through the parish webcam. Those outside will be given Holy Communion after Mass.

Some people may wish to attend on weekdays for the time being until restrictions are more relaxed. The obligation to attend on Sunday has been suspended by Pope Francis for the time being. All Masses are broadcast through our new Parish Webcam accessible through the Parish website www.queenofpeace.ie

Confessions will take place after Mass on Saturday evening (the Confession Room) has been adapted for this purpose.

The Church will remain open for prayer after the morning Mass until 6pm each day. It is hoped to reintroduce Eucharistic Adoration gradually starting mid-August. I advise you to keep in touch with the Parish Website so that you can keep in touch with any changes that may have to be made at short notice. www.queenofpeace.ie

The Parish Office will be open Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 1pm from the 13th of July.

My thanks to all who sent good wishes and returned Easter Dues offerings. Your response as always was very generous and is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

V. Rev. Joseph Whelan PP